A case for Pro Bono work.

Are you struggling to reach out to a serviceable segment of your community but are finding it hard to gain traction?  it doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer, doctor, painter, plumber or other professional.  If you have a service that you can offer at a reduced or Pro bono rate, somebody will take you up on your offer.  finding the right somebody is always the trick.

look at trying to fill a need in a not for profit. These are the community agencies that fill a need for service that local/state/federal Government has decided not to establish itself in.  I think YMCA, YWCA or one of their countless many worthy and valid programs.

the “Y” is a selfless plug for an organization that I truly believe in.  The goal for you is to do work for a group/organization that you truly believe in.  Maybe get involved with your church?

I started thinking about this during the recent nationaly televised trial,  The lead attorney from my understanding decided to take the case on Pro Bono,  He is a relative new comer to the legal game as he has only been licensed since 2005 and took the case on roughly 4 years later and now two years of working it, he has gone from a public little-known nobody to being considered one of the best attorney’s in the country.

I don’t know how he got hooked up with the case, but I am certain the rewards he will reap from being in the public spotlight and successfully defending his client will bring him many years of further success.

the thing that you should remember is to do Pro bono work because you want to do it not because you feel like you need to do it.

Best of Luck,

Chris Dunlevy is a partner in IT Service Station LLC, and an IT Consultant serving the Greater Oklahoma City area and beyond for the better part of 10 years. He believes in shooting straight with his clients, returning his calls, keeping his appointments, and generally being available to his clients. Chris realizes that if you treat your clients like gold they might share some of it with you and if you don’t they might blog about it. Chris can be reached at 405-843-8324 or you can drop him an email @ chrisd(at)itssok.com

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